Kevin's Representation of District 5 Has Been Outstanding

Kevin  has been a 30+ years volunteer in our community and decided to run for hollywood city commissioner to be our voice at city hall. he has Continuously pushed for improvements and Public Safety in our neighborhoods. Our district has not seen quality representation like kevin and we need to make sure to keep him as our voice in district 5. Funding brought to District 5:

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Kevin Biederman Giving Speach for humane society

“We’re here to help you”

Being a City Commissioner is much more than a title, it is being a public servant, and that is what Kevin has proven to be.

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Kevin Biederman
Hollywood Florida,
District 5 Commissioner

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About Kevin Biederman

Dedicated Public Official & Committed Neighbor in District 5

Kevin has always been An active member of the community,

He served on many different City committees including the Charter Review Committee, Citizens Transportation Committee Chair, Education Advisory Board Vice Chair and Human Services Advisory Board.  He was Also a 2007 All-America City Delegate.

kevin has been actively involved in our local civic and neighborhood associations Kevin needs your support and vote on november 8th more than ever. talk is cheap and actions speak. Vote to keep Kevin Biederman as our commissioner for district 5!

Register today to make your vote count.

Kevin is one of the only people in this race who truly cares about you and I. He's not just some politician trying to get ahead, he wants what’s best for everyone! So please register today because our future depends on it-and don't forget that Your Voice matters too!"

Thanks for joining us!
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